Motorcycle Adventure

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And the motorcycle journey begins (4/28/2015)…
A beautiful and crisp, sunny morning (38 degrees). 1600 miles to go. Gonna be fun!

And the journey makes a pit stop…
Three days later and 1603 miles under my belt. Or should I say, under my butt! I drove 445 miles and 440 miles on days 1 and 3 and 715 miles on day 2. First time taking a bike ride that long but I really enjoyed the trip. I took the back roads on the last day and what a great choice that was. No billboards, no trucks – just rolling hills, farms and cattle ranches. And bugs, lots of bugs! Other than cleaning the windshield and headlight, I gave up on the rest of the front end. I also had one rather strange encounter. As I was driving on the back roads, another motorcycle came up from behind and pulled alongside of me. It was a Harley chick on a Sportster. Either that or a good looking guy with long brown hair and man-boobs! Anyway, she nodded, smiled and rode alongside for about ten miles. I guess she was just being a friendly Texas rider.


As you can see, I made it to Corpus Christi. That’s looking out this morning from my daughter’s back deck.

Horseback riding on the beach. Alana and I went to a riding stable on the beach today. Perfect weather for a ride and only 6 people in the group. Alana’s ridden quite a bit but this was my very first time. I gave my best John Wayne impression without the ten-gallon hat! I have a newfound appreciation for women who ride horses. I think my thighs got more of a workout today than the 1600 mile motorcycle trip down here. Then we went and ate some giant strawberries. Fun day, so far.


Dozen my meal the other night look good? A dozen oysters, a dozen shrimp and a dozen buffalo hot wings! One of my favorite places to eat on the island, Scuttlebutt’s. Life is good.


And the journey continues…
I’m currently trying to thread the weather needle. Drove through the aftermath of the tornado and storms here in Texas and Oklahoma. Lots of flooding and building damage in places. Left Corpus Christi late yesterday morning to make it around the back end of that huge storm. If I didn’t leave yesterday, it didn’t look like there’d be an opening for another week. Mostly a dry trip until Waco and Dallas/Fort Worth. Got up to Oklahoma City this afternoon. I’m trying to stay in that little sliver of clear weather that you see in the radar picture above. Looks like clear sailing if the weather forecasts stay true. I’m really enjoying the bike trip. I don’t know if a 3200 mile trip north and south counts as a cross-country trip, but I’m checking it off my bucket list!

And the journey ends (5/14/2015)…
Made it back safely. What a great trip. Can’t wait to do it again.

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