Race Car Driving

On December 4, 2014, in Bucket List, Miscellaneous, by ralph


This wasn’t on my original bucket list, but it is now. Racing, baby! Went race car driving at the Michigan International Speedway. What a blast. They have rev-limiters on the engine so you can’t go over 160 MPH. Still pretty quick though. You can hear me hit the limit several times on the straightaway. I’ll say one thing. The driver’s cockpit is cramped. You can only slide in through the window with the steering wheel off. Once you’re strapped into the seat with the 5-point harness and the helmet and brace are attached, you can barely move. I couldn’t see the pedals or the shifter – it’s all by feel. Of course, once you’re out on the track, the only thing you have to do is steer and work the accelerator pedal. You don’t use the clutch or brake. If you’re looking for a real kick in the pants adventure, this one is highly recommended.

Here’s a link to the video of my ride. Click here


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