Yes, I Can Walk On Water

On March 4, 2012, in Miscellaneous, by ralph


At least according to my Garmin GPS watch! My wife and I recently bought a second home near Lake Michigan. It’s near the river/channel that empties into Lake Michigan. If the area isn’t too snowy, I like to take a run along the channel and out to the pier and lighthouse. The graphic above is how my GPS watch logged the run. As you can see, most of my run was on the channel and into Lake Michigan. Even though the accuracy of the GPS is a couple of feet, the map overlay is in need of some serious updating. The far west part of the run was the end of the pier that juts out into Lake Michigan.

It’s certainly been a warmer than normal winter this year. Even though it’s late February, the channel and lake still aren’t frozen over. I’m definitely not complaining though. There’s less snow to shovel and more days to get in a walk/run. A very good start to the New Year.

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