An Almost Perfect Football Season

On February 6, 2012, in Miscellaneous, by ralph

The Catch

My two favorite teams are the San Francisco Forty-Niners and any team playing against the Steelers or Patriots. The 49ers almost made it to the Super Bowl this year. However, two inopportune fumbles by a replacement punt returner gave the game to the New York Giants. It was still a great season for them and I hope they do well next year.

I don’t know if I really believe in Karma, but it sure is a good explanation for the downfall of both the Pittsburgh Steelers and the New England Patriots this season. I think the Steelers have a bunch of dirty players who have gotten away with cheap shots for a number of years. Three of the worst are James Harrison, Ryan Clark and Hines Ward. The final straw was the sexual assault charges against their quarterback, Ben Roethlisberger. There was enough evidence presented to believe he was guilty on some level. I believe in second chances but the Rooney family should have cut him after the second incident came to light. I lost all respect for them after those incidents went unpunished for the most part. Sitting out a few games was not appropriate punishment. It was so great during the Playoffs last month to see Tim Tebow and the Denver Broncos beat them in overtime. Now there’s a good athlete, class act and even greater human being.

Right before the start of last night’s Super Bowl game, I leaned over to my brother-in-law and said that the perfect game for me was to see the Giants beat the Patriots in a close one just like the last time they met. I didn’t think there was much chance for that happening. However, once again, the Giants came through. I don’t care very much for many of the players on the Patriots and I really don’t like their coach, Bill Belichick. He and his team were caught cheating years ago by secretly videotaping opposing teams’ coaching signals. He said he didn’t really think it was illegal and it really didn’t make any difference in the outcomes of those games. He had been doing it since the 2000 season until he was caught in 2007. Funny thing though, ever since he was caught cheating, he’s never won another Super Bowl, and he’s been back there twice. Also, his postseason record hasn’t been as good, either.

The Steelers lose in overtime to the Broncos, the Patriots lose to the Giants in another close game and the 49ers almost make it to the Super Bowl. Two out of three isn’t so bad. Go Niners!!

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